There's a magic moment when the lights come down and everyone hushes in expectation.
Except for those MORONS who keep talking. If that's you, walk on by.

The first time we directed a film we knew we'd discovered a form that was uniquely suited to us ("us" here meaning Steph and I) and such talents as we (she) possess.

We spend a great deal of time talking about films, watching films, planning films and making films. It's a fascinating, maddening medium to work in. I know of very few things that are more fun than directing films.

But coming very close is talking about films. So I post a lot of film commentaries in my blog. If you like reading opinions and ramblings about movies, you should give them a try.

Some Stuff

Through the magic of Google Video and YouTube, we can bring you some actual clips of our creations! Enjoy!

The Wrong Apartment

A standard shoot-em-up with wacky relationship hijinks, this film spun wildly out of our limited control and is memorable mainly for a series of ambitious set-pieces we put together, including this one, which was partly an answer to the question "What if somebody replaced the Odessa Steps with an elevator?"

We really, really, really wanted to shoot a duel with shovels. Two guys going at it hammer and tongs, only, er, shovel and shovel. Funny, right? Great idea, right? Only on shooting day, there was just one shovel. Way it goes.