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Sure hope y'all find this useful. Props to Sovelior and Sage for the original design -- I was stumped until their lovely version turned up. So I ripped it off.

Should work out okay in most browsers. Tested with Mozilla on both Mac and Windows and Safari on Mac. If the left-hand navigation bar looks weirdly indented, that's because you're using IE and it doesn't know how to draw CSS boxes properly. I could figure out how to fix it, but if one person starts using Mozilla because of this, my efforts won't have been in vain. The code itself is valid HTML 4.01, even if the PHP behind it gets a little flaky at times. Oh yeah, and the title image's a transparent PNG, so that probably doesn't look very good either, since IE doesn't know how to draw transparent PNGs. Really, just use Mozilla, okay? We'll all be happier.

The pictures amongst the Basic Classes pages are from the Wizards of the Coast d20 Modern art gallery, here. I resized them and stored them locally to cut down on load time. Anyone got a problem with that, more than happy to oblige. The images are most definitely the property of Wizards of the Coast, and if you like them, you should run to your local game store and buy a copy of the d20 Modern rules, which include way more stuff than you can find here. And even more pretty pictures.

Recent Changes

June 16th, 2004

Now with improved printing power! Through the magic of Cascading Stylesheets, the Modern SRD now goes to your printer clean and untrammeled with pesky (and ink-consuming) images, pointless navigation aids and in glorious black-and-white! Thrill to the sensation today!

Mar 6th, 2004

A little more hyperlinking joy: check out Spell Descriptions and Power Descriptions for some sub-lists of spells and powers. Keen!

Future Plans

Improved Hyperlinking: We're hoping to get most of the site data-driven, so that Actions, Occupations and Equipment can all be displayed individually and linked to from anywhere.

Reorganization: There's some flaky "pages that don't really belong anywhere" here and there and eventually we'll want to reorganize things. Stay tuned!

Updated SRD: Holy Moly! They updated the Modern SRD! I've added the eratta for the existing material and next I'll see about adding the Urban Arcana material. Patience, grasshopper.


Shout out to lance at 12 To Midnight for the hosting.


You can contact me as barsoomcore at mac dot com. Have fun!

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