Further Back Up The Line

A little walk down memory lane, or a stroll through the Hall of Heroes, if you prefer.

INFINITE: Epic Modern -- December 2005
INFINITE: Epic Modern

INFINITE: Epic Modern is a revolutionary product that applies Epic thinking to the Modern d20 rules. Allowing for Modern classes beyond level 20, INFINITE expands talent trees, feat lists and skills to provide for the sort of Epic adventuring of the likes of Doc Savage and Buckaroo Banzai.

Work included managing writer and artist deliveries, contracts and timelines, as well as designing and delivering the final PDF to EN Publishing for release.

Tiny Terrors -- September 2005
Tiny Terrors

Tiny Terrors is a d20 Mini-Game from EN Publishing. In Tiny Terrors, players take the part of animated toys in a child's bedroom, fighting to keep the forces of the Boogeyman from devouring the innocence of their young owner.

Work included managing writer and artist deliveries, contracts and timelines, as well as designing and delivering the final PDF to EN Publishing for release.

Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics -- June 2005
Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics

Gun-Fu: Balletic Ballistics is the first product in the forthcoming EN MiniGames product line. This is a variation on the d20 rules that provides a gameplay experience in which to recreate the melodramatic, blood-soaked action thrills of John Woo Hong Kong shoot-em-ups.

Work included all aspects of the product, from writing and playtesting to editing, page layout, art development and finishing, and delivery of complete PDF conforming to the d20 STL, the OGL and EN Publishing's trade dress requirements.

Hot Pursuit: On Foot -- May 2005
Hot Pursuit: On Foot

Hot Pursuit: On Foot is a supplement to the popular Hot Pursuit: The Definitive d20 Guide to Chases. On Foot covers self-propelled chases with the same sense of fun that its big brother had. This product provides new rules covering the existing chase maneuvers, as well as all-new maneuvers just for foot chases. There is extensive treatment of how combat actions can be used during a chase, and a host of new locales and obstacles to challenge your players with.

Delivery included 5,000 words of new rules material, and all page design in a fully-laid-out PDF with bookmarks. Cover was supplied by publisher.

Buccaneers & Bokor, Issue Four -- May 2005
Buccaneers and Bokor, Issue Four

Buccaneers & Bokor, Issue Four is the latest in a series of game supplements for the popular Skull And Bones role-playing game of swashbuckling horror. I provided two features totalling 5,000 words to this issue. The first was "Balancing Accounts", a short encounter with a unique NPC who provides the DM with all sorts of opportunities to seed adventures or advance storylines. The second was "The Secret of Manjack Cay", a full-blown adventure complete with ghosts, vengeance-crazed lunatics and a treasure map to be deciphered.

Delivery included 5,000 words of encounter material, as well as a treasure map and numerous NPC, monster, ship and trap stat blocks.

Hot Pursuit! -- February 2005
Hot Pursuit!

Hot Pursuit: The Definitive d20 Guide To Chases is an exciting d20 product that allows DMs of any d20-based game to bring the excitement and thrill of the chase scene to life in their games. Fitting into any genre or setting, the rules in Hot Pursuit are designed to extend the existing d20 ruleset and to allow chase scenes to be run with the kind of excitement and detail that combat scenes are provided with in existing d20 rules.

Delivery included 17,000 words of new rules, along with 20 tables and four reference charts for in-game use.

Teenage Hot-Rod Werewolves From Mars! -- December 2004
ENWorld Gamer #2

Wrote an 8,000 word d20 mini-game for the new gaming magazine from ENWorld, ENWorld Gamer. The game is based on the Modern SRD, with FIVE new classes, new uses for many skills and a couple of entirely new mechanics. It is based on 1950's sci-fi movies like I Was A Teenage Werewolf and Earth Vs The Flying Saucers and is very tongue-in-cheek but at the same time tons of fun and easy to play. Delivery included a simple campaign setting and adventure ideas document, currently available on the EN Publishing Downloads Page. The magazine is on sale now at RPGNow.com for $4.55.

Rooms With A View -- October 2004
Rooms With A View

Wrote two 4,000 word encounters for new sourcebook by Vanishing Goblin, including setting descriptions, adventure details and statblocks conforming to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules.

My contributions were: Bull-Headed Artist, in which a quirky minotaur seeks artistic perfection, and The Furnace Room, featuring the best food in town, served with charm and grace and deadly assassins

Free Lunches -- August 2003
Dire Kobold

15,000-word Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 adventure for Dire Kobold.

Work completed included adventure text, stat blocks, sample dialogue and complete maps for the adventure. The adventure features both combat and role-playing encounters and includes special rules on a white-water rafting encounter.